1. Quality Guarantee

The satisfaction of our customers, suppliers and external employees is the first reason behind our daily work. Our guests are our priority when we are planning and developing our services and products.

We systematize our Quality Management and Sustainability implementing Operating Systems including working procedures and Continuous Improvement, which allow us to achieve the requirements of our customers and our environment, using local, regional, national and international legal norms.

2. Sustainability and Environment

We are committed to environmental protection and strive to reduce and minimize impacts on the environment. We separate waste, we reduce water and energy consumption, we adapt our infrastructures to the environment, and we manage the discharge of hazardous waste through authorized managers. We promote sustainability through local suppliers, we prioritize the less aggressive products with the environment, including transport and packaging and jointly participate in local activities.

3. Human Resources, Health and Safety

Our staff are our greatest asset. We express our social commitment and responsibility in labor relations with our employees, based on the personal and professional development, support, respect and fair valuation as well as strict compliance with the legislation in all areas related to their work activity and Human Rights.

 We value all employees’ contributions, creativity and involvement in the objectives defined, while respecting freedom of association and Equality Policies.

We are committed to prevention, control of occupational hazards and development of actions to improve the safety and health of our employees and customers.

4. Child protection

We avoid any kind of discrimination and all forms of exploitation, including child sexual exploitation; and we involve our employees, contributors, external suppliers and customers.

We participate in "Hoteles Amigos" a program of Unicef Spanish Committee, supporting the Prevention of child sexual exploitation and protection against violence in the tourism sector in Dominican Republic.

5. Purchases and development of the Local Community

We apply strict procedures regarding assessment and selection of contributors and external suppliers based on the application of the existing legislation on Environment, Human Resources Policy and Child Protection. We prioritize local suppliers and we support in solidarity the development of the local community.

Quality and Sustainability General Policy is available to Contributors, External Suppliers and Customers and will be known by all employees of Sentido Benalmadena Beach and it will be promoted through appropriate training activities.