An English speaking doctor is available upon request. They are located near: Hospital Xanit (Benalmádena).  

In case of an emergency, a small accident or in need of first aid, please call Reception (dial number 9).


Pharmacies in Spain are marked by a green cross - Farmacia. You can find the nearest pharmacy in Benalmádena Costa, that’s aprox. 500 - 600 meters distance from the hotel. Standard opening hours are 9.30 –13:30 and 17:00 – 20:00  in the afternoon on working days. The pharmacy is open from  9.30 –14:00 on Saturdays. There is also a pharmacy at aprox. 600 meters distance from the hotel that is open from 9.30 - 21.30 h.


The next hospital is located in Benalmádena. In case of a hospital visit, please make sure you got your insurance documents, passport and cash money with you.